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Welcome to Jonah's Joy: Home for Children

Welcome to Jonah's Joy: Home for ChildrenWelcome to Jonah's Joy: Home for Children

A non-profit residential treatment home for abused, neglected and troubled adolescent girls.

About Us


Our Vision and Mission


Our Vision

To change generational cycles of abuse and neglect by educating, training, and holding accountable children and their families.

Our Mission

To provide a faith-based residential treatment home with quality mental health services to abused, neglected, and troubled children and their families.


Building the Home

Jonah’s Joy: Home for Children is implementing multiple fundraisers to begin the acquisition phase of the home and property.  When sufficient funds can be secured or property is donated Jonah’s Joy will begin provision of care to those in Cumberland County and abroad who need its services.

The Dream of the Home/Property:

Jonah’s Joy is looking for the right location in Cumberland County that can provide some of the “wish list” items below and so much more…

• Appropriate sized home to house the children and meet the needs of office spaces

• Farm property to include barn with horse stalls and fields for horses and other animals

• Hay fields to supply the animals

• Area for vegetable gardening

• Stocked pond for fishing and/or boating

• Play area of the children

Will you pray with us for God to lead us to the right place for these children?



The PRINCESS programs are a mini-version of the greater residential treatment program. Level One is a 10-week, 3 hour day, 1 day a week program to work with adolescent girls who may be struggling with making the right decisions at home, school and/or the community. These young ladies may find respecting authority difficult or that rules don’t apply to them. They may struggle with taking responsibility for their actions, or have experienced difficult life transitions and/or trauma causing poor life choices. 

The girls learn about Patience, Respect, Integrity, Nobility, Conscientiousness, Ethics, Service and Self-Confidence. The girls also learn about Jesus through this faith-based program, which helps them to recognize the difference between what the world tells them about these characteristics and what God has created in them.  Level Two programming (BELOVED) is a 6-hour day, week long, day camp.  The BELOVED group builds on the characteristics learned in the Level one program.  

Potential group members and their parent/guardian would need to have a one-time meeting with Dr. Denise to ensure the group is an appropriate fit for the child. The program is ABSOLUTELY FREE for participants and yet the skills learned, the knowledge gained, and the friendships built, are priceless.  If you know of a girl who would benefit from this program, please contact Dr. Denise at 931-456-8600, ext. 1.