Finding Peace in the midst of the Storm


Our Services

Residential Treatment


Jonah’s Joy will be an adolescent residential home-like environment providing a 9 to 12 month program with approximately 8 to 10 female adolescents in each home. As a faith-based, non-denominational, evangelical program the children will participate in morning and evening devotionals, and weekly church programs. 

Animal-Assisted Therapy


Animal-Assisted Therapy, including horses and other farm animals, will be used for the benefit of teaching responsibility and building relationships with the animals as transitional units for broken human-to-human relationships. Educational plans will be created that meet the needs of each child, focusing on their academic and emotional needs. 

Mental Health Services


Traditional mental health therapies of individual, family and group will be provided to each child, which includes approximately 3 hours of individual therapy each week, weekly family therapy (when appropriate) and daily group therapy.   Individualized treatment plans will be developed to address the immediate and long-term needs of the child and the family.